Quilt study - Half


The quilt studies are a celebration of plant dyed colours and natural textile fibres.
A way to combine colour and stitch on a small scale.
These particular studies are a tribute to my larger textile pieces in which I like to combine similar colours together or colours derived from the same plant material. Forming a colour association between the two.
They would look beautiful framed, propped up on a shelf or clipped and hung from a nail.

These quilts are made from a combination of either Cutch (Acacia catechu) or Madder (Rubia tinctorum) dyes.
Both dye sources are a favourite of mine. The pinks and red of the madder root and the rusty browns of cutch tree are both such giving dye sources.
The stitches are made using a bright vintage cotton thread to contrast.

Each quilt is stitch mounted onto recycled card. Each piece is packaged in a compostable vegetable starch bio film bag.

Each quilt measures - 19cm by 11.5cm approximately
Card mount measures - 29cm by 21cm

Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid fading.